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Zoom Yoga Schedule 3/30-4/6

Hello Tribe,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! We are now entering our 2nd full week of Quarantine and it seems that with each day that passes we are becoming more and more restricted in regards to our ability to move freely through our towns, to our parks, and now apparently traveling interstate! These challenging times are really forcing us to dig deep and find our own strength both mentally, emotionally, and physically. I know my husband is really struggling with the closing of his gym and now the parks. Physical movement and exercise is vital to our wellbeing, and during this unprecedented time we must find creative new ways to explore and stay connected to our bodies.

One of the things I really miss about our in person classes is sharing my oils with you all! So this week I encourage you, if you have oils or scents that inspire you, feel free to put them on before we begin our practice or light some candles or incense to help invoke your sense of smell. Our sense of smell is most linked to our memories, more so than any other sense. It acts as an agent, able to transport you to a place and time. So oil up this week to help bring your sense of smell into your practice!

Also, I'd like to introduce some props into this weeks practice so if you have blocks, use them and if you don't get creative. You can use books, cigar boxes (lol Wendy), packages. If you come up with cool replacement "blocks" feel free to email me any suggestions so that I can share with the others I'd also like to incorporate straps during our Vinyasa sessions. If you don't have straps, again get creative. Alternatives to straps are ties, scarves, belts, robe straps, etc. Let your imagination transform these items into your Yoga prop.

I have updated my website to include the schedule and registration links for all the virtual Zoom classes

Last week we were able to donate $50 to the Community Food Bank of NJ! Thank you all so much for your donations. Let's keep up the great work and help those in need!

Below is the Zoom schedule for this week. Please register for each class you'd like to take and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you all health, safety, and joy during this trying time. This will pass!

*Please register for each class using the below links:



Vinyasa 8-9:15AM:

Chair Yoga 10-11AM:

Vinyasa 2-3PM:

Vinyasa 3:30-4:30PM:


Vinyasa 9:15-10:15AM:

Vinyasa 5:30-6:30PM:


Vinyasa 8-9:15AM:

Chair Yoga 10-11AM:

Vinyasa 2-3PM:

Vinyasa 3:30-4:30PM:


Vinyasa 8-9AM:

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