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The Tribe takes FLYTE!

And fly we did! What a fun day of exploring aerial yoga together! With the help of Kate we warmed up in our pouch, experimented with an inversion, experienced some cool stretches with the use of the hammock, and then we took it down for a really cool gentle and restorative practice that I found so fascinating and relaxing. Thank you to everyone who came and played at Soul Flyte! It was really great to be together trying something new as a community and I'd like to bring more experiences to the table so stay tuned for our next adventure!

After our practice, we wasted no time getting cozy in our hammocks. We wrapped ourselves in blankets and some of us swayed with others preferred stillness. When we enter into such a deep relaxation our body temperature drops so next time we'll have to remember to throw on some socks and extra layers. Marek then guided us with the use of his bowls into a deep state of relaxation. I never wanted it to end! Of course I was the loud snoring person, but I'll chalk that up to my new sleep routine with Fabio lol

Here is all of us, refreshed, rejuvenated...and hungry lol! We then took a stroll through Nyack. I picked up some sweet grass braids to use as incense (and currently lit as I write this) then we headed to Bari for some smoothies and falafels. A wonderful end to a wonderful day! Thank you all!

Stay tuned for our next group outing and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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