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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mammas in our tribe! I hope you all enjoy your day, get spoiled by your families, and remember how important a job being a mother is! Whether you're still nursing your babes, sending them off to college, planning their weddings, or reversing the roles and caring for your own mamma. The important role of birthing, raising, molding, holding, nurturing, and caring that motherhood involves burrows deep paths in our brains and in our bones. We never stop! And for that we are the unsung superheroes in the family unit. I wanted to share a beautiful poem I read the other day with you all. It is called You Before Me. Here it is:

You before me

I wonder who you were, Mum,

the you, before I was me.

Before the branches of you shook,

and gave me all the leaves.

Did the giving leave you breathless?

And then did you give some more?

Was there any left for you

in that cup to pour?

And when you gave me life

did you live for yourself too?

Did you feel like a different person 

when you entered a room?

And did you sacrifice a lot

all so you could have me? 

I know you, but I wonder, 

who you used to be. 

Was I your making, and your mirror? 

Did you hold me sometimes and cry?

Did the lion within you get stronger?

Or did it run away to die? 

Mum, I know your life began,

before I came along,

but did the rhythm of my breath

give your life a sweeter song?

And that flame that lives inside you,

did it flicker, or did it grow?

The lighthouse that guided me all these years,

that now lives in my bones. 

I wonder these things now, Mum,

as I hold my babies close.

The way that I now matter to them,

is what matters to me the most. 

Did you feel completely grounded? 

But with a smile that had changed? 

Did it shape all that you do, and more? 

Did you too feel rearranged? 

And though you were my person,

were you still your person too? 

Was it like unstitching parts of us,

To get back some of you? 

And lastly, Mum, as I sway here,

I think I understand

just what it takes to be the moon,

the stars, and someone’s land. 

But sometimes I wish, in a parallel world 

I could visit for just one day,

where you didn’t know me, or who I was 

and you didn’t know my name. 

And I’d talk with you about all sorts, 

your laughter like the sun,

and I’d recognize that smile

but with plans, so free and young. 

And know you, just as I am now,

before your name was Mum. 

-Jessica Urlicha

“Beautiful Chaos”

Becoming a mom gave me such insight into my own mothers life, who she was before she gave me life, what did she like to do, wear, listen to? What were her greatest passions and dreams? In my eyes she is this magical being who fixes everything in the bat of an eyelash. Her scent is one that I can still recall when I close my eyes. I'm so grateful for all she has done for me, all she has given me. Today I ask that you call your mom and ask her something about who she was before you were you. Relish in the story of her before she knew you. Give life to the girl before the mother. And if your mom is no longer here on this plane of existence, call your kids and recount a story of when you were just you. What trails did you blaze, what hurdles shaped who you are. Give this gift of life before life. Of you, before your name was Mum.

xoxo, Sabrina

Just a reminder, if you plan on joining us next week for our trip to Blue Cliff Monastery for the Vesak celebration, please rsvp to me via email so I can provide a head count.

The schedule of events is as follows:

9:30am - Dharma Talk

11:00am - Vesak Ceremony

1:00pm - Mindful Lunch


Blue Cliff Monastery

3 Mindfulness Road

Pine Bush, NY

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can gather before we head in for the activities. So far the weather looks warm but overcast so dress appropriately. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Love & Blessings to you all,


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