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Storm Moon: March 9th, 2020: Full Moon in Virgo

The energy during this Super Full Moon in Virgo is fussy and anxious, and having just come out of Mercury retrograde you may even feel a little more critical of yourself or others. The teachings of the lunar energy are to bring to light what we need to evaluate/change/release.

Virgo is associated with service for others. So during this Full Moon in Virgo remember the importance of service and being helpful towards others. Sometimes we may get so caught up in the details of our minds that we become blinded to the truth around us. A sure way to help remind you just how awesome and fantastic you are is by doing something kind towards another. Hold the door for someone, without expecting anything in return. Smile at someone, say thank you to the people around you. In the chaos of our mental chatter and storylines we create, we may forget to show our appreciation to the ones we love the most. So say I love you and thank you when you can and see what magic unfolds!

The flower associated with the month of March is the Daffodil. As One of the first flowers to return at the start of the spring, daffodil’s are said to represent rebirth and new beginnings. Other meanings include faithfulness and honesty, because they always return year after year no matter how harsh the winter. Herbalists traditionally used daffodil as a cleansing agent to remove impurities from the body. Daffodil’s can also be used to clean wounds, soothe burns, and ease muscle or joint pain.

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