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New location added! Rajani Qi Wellness - Oakland

Hello Tribe!

Happy Fall! I have some exciting news to share with you all! Starting Wednesday October 14th I will be teaching at Rajani Qi Wellness in Oakland! I am teaming up with Tara Farley and Emily Reimann and we are super excited to open our doors and hearts to you all. For those of you who don't know Tara she is a mentor of mine and a dear friend. She is a Qi Gong and Yoga Therapist who has been practicing yoga, energy healing, and body work for over 20 years. Emily is an uber talented and gifted licensed acupuncturist and energy healer who is also a yoga teacher. Together we are uniting to bring back the energy of community and sacred space. We are taking the necessary precautions to make sure we can safely open and stay open. Classes will be limited to ensure we can keep socially distant. I am also stoked to announce that I will be offering private Reflexology sessions as well! Private yoga lessons as well as private group classes will also be available, contact me for booking details and scheduling.

These are challenging times of uncertainty and fear, but it's times like these that what we practice really comes in handy. It's times like these where we can reach into our tool box of mindfulness and take back control of our lives. I know the world is turned upside down right now; your routine and everything you once knew is now different including where you go to practice so I commend you for your patience and ability to adapt like water and change form as needed. It can be confusing so do not hesitate to write to me and ask any question or concern you may have. I will be continuing to teach at O'Connell Chiropractic and those classes will be available both in person and virtual!

Here is an updated Yoga Class Schedule and summary of the updated services:

*Blue Boxes are classes being held at O'Connell Chiropractic 61 Crescent Ave Waldwick, NJ 07463

**Pink Boxes are classes being held at Rajani Qi Wellness 392 Ramapo Valley Road Oakland, NJ 07436

Class Descriptions:

Vinyasa: All levels flow focusing on breath/mind/body connection.

Vinyasa FLOW: Intermediate to advanced level flow focused on increasing strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Chair Yoga: Gentle practice focused on stretching, opening, and breathwork.

Chair Yoga/Qi Gong Fusion: Gentle practice focusing on stretching, stability, and healing incorporating ancient Qi Gong movements to aid in the rebalancing of your entire being.

Yoga Class Package Rates:

Drop in: $25 Single Class

5 Class Package: $75 ($15 per class)

10 Class Package: $130 ($13 per class)

20 Class Package: $240 ($12 per class)

*Senior citizen rates available for 65+

Payment Information:

  • Cash or Check made payable to Sabrina Smith (preferable)

  • VENMO: Use email

Reflexology Sessions:

Where: Rajani Qi Wellness

392 Ramapo Valley Road

Oakland, NJ 07436

When: Email me to schedule your private Reflexology session

Price: Introductory price of $65 through November 15th

Private Yoga/ Private Group Yoga:

Where: Wherever your heart desires Depending on what works for you personally I can come to your home, we can meet at O'Connell Chiropractic in Waldwick or the new location Rajani Qi in Oakland

When: Email me to schedule your private lesson or private group lesson

Price: Price ranges between $60-$85 please see my website for more details

Upcoming Special Workshops:


OCTOBER 18, 2020 2:30-5pm HORSE HEALING And HARVEST PRACTICE Desired Donation to Second Chance Farm 107 Prices Switch Road Vernon, NJ 07462 In this special celebration we will share intentions, honor a deep connection to our bodies, our lineages, the Earth and also Respect and Honor where we are now!! The time we are in is an opportunity to Learn, Understand, and Grow and it should be Respected. Please bring a journal, a folding chair, a symbol of connection at this time. (Could be a crystal, oil, stone, pendant, or necklace) before you come please write an Intention in your journal of why you are choosing to show up, just helpful to know why we choose to do what we do! Jen will be offering Writing prompts, Emily will be giving us guidance for understanding our bodies, Sabrina will be sharing a sound ritual, and Tara will be teaching a moving meditation! Janet is supplying the Horses!! If you would like to bring something to eat at the end (because food carries a vibration) please do. If you would like to bring something to share then please have them in individual plates or cups for people to take. Please RSVP! About us

Tara is a Qigong and Yoga Therapist and has been teaching and practicing bodywork, yoga, and qigong in N.J. for over 20yrs. Her practice includes Qi and Reiki Energy healing, Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, Sound Healing and Shamanic Drumming. Tara helps clients with joint weakness, muscle fatigue, cancer, autoimmune disease, lung issues, digestive imbalances, and trauma injuries. These practices can help decrease anxiety, allergies, migraines, symptoms from Lymes, arthritis, and depression. Tara is also a Doula and supports women with fertility issues and hormonal imbalances. She has an advanced training in children's yoga therapy. Tara teaches in local schools, libraries, colleges, as well as senior centers. She is available for private workshops and lectures.

Emily Reimann is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of New Jersey. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, where she received her Master's Degree in Science. Throughout her graduate education, she studied three methods of acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Applied Physical Medicine (APM), and Kiiko Matsumoto's Style (KM). Before entering the field of acupuncture, Emily studied yoga and energy healing. She is certified in the advanced level of Integrated Energy Therapy®, is a Reiki Master Practitioner, and a Certified Yoga Instructor. Emily likes to combine her knowledge from these modalities to facilitate treatments specific to her patient's individual needs and will often incorporate additional methods such as movement exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, and intuitive based counseling. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit or call 201-310-1703.

Sabrina is a 200 hr RYT with Yoga Alliance. She has a background in dance and has always craved movement as an expression of the soul. After getting certified in 2017 Sabrina started teaching and developed a passion for helping students and creating connections with other passionate Yogis who also feel like Yoga has changed their lives. In 2020 Sabrina completed her Reflexology training and has enjoyed the many healing benefits of body and energy work for herself, her clients, family, and friends. For more information on classes schedules, pricing, and blog posts, please visit or email

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