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Navigating this New World after COVID-19

During these uncertain times where we are confined to our homes and lacking in social interaction it is so important to still make time for you, for your breath, and for your soul. Given this new normal we are all living, I will be holding all my classes via Zoom. I was doing the Instagram Live classes, but due to this lockdown lasting longer than anticipated I will need to adapt via the virtual web. At first I was uneasy, thinking about the challenges I would encounter having to learn a new skill and a technological one at that! I spent days and nights thinking of all the roadblocks; "Oh they'll have to log in via their email", "Oh it's going to be a little more difficult". But then I surrendered to the present moment and took a step. I downloaded Zoom and just like that it was one less challenge, one last step. So I started to think "Hmm, ok I'll keep going" and I began to inform myself, watch video tutorials, read articles, and more importantly ask my peers and friends for advice. I realized that here I was, connecting with others on a topic I would otherwise never think about. I was growing, and in turn those around me where expressing themselves to me in a different way than how we'd normally interact. So given this new sense of freedom due to being vulnerable, I decided that the path of Zoom was the right one for me. I discovered that we can share our screens, we can interact and ask questions if necessary, or we can mute our mics and turn off our videos completely if so desired. Teaching virtually is great, but what I miss most is hearing your voices and asking how you're doing. So I am so thankful that Zoom will offer us the option to communicate and interact! If you are a Tribe Member and have purchased a package, then I will deduct a class for each virtual class you attend. *If you are not a member then the virtual class cost will be $10 of which ALL will go as a donation to the Community Food Bank of NJ. Below is a message from the CFB of NJ:


CFBNJ has been actively monitoring the ongoing developments around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is taking extra precautions to ensure the health of our staff, volunteers, agency partners, and clients as we continue to serve our community.

According to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, nearly 1 in 5 households in the U.S. is experiencing a layoff or reduction in work hours as a result of COVID-19, and low-income households have been hit hardest. The staggering economic impact of the pandemic will likely cause a dramatic increase in the need for food in the days and weeks ahead.

Our Response

Continuing Distribution: We are focused on maintaining our daily operations, distributing a record amount of food to our network of over 1,000 agency partners to keep vulnerable individuals and families fed.

Strategizing in Real Time: In partnership with state agencies, we are planning for various additional distribution scenarios and coordination of resources. We are in constant communication with our partners to respond to their needs and to provide guidance on how to ramp up and adapt operations to changing health concerns. We have also asked them to allow families to take extra food to store for future use. Emergency Meal Kits: CFBNJ is working to create emergency meal kits with nonperishable proteins, vegetables, pasta, pasta sauce, cereal and snack items–enough food to sustain a family for several days. Our dedicated staff can produce up to 850 of these kits per day–a total of 34,000 nutritious meals daily.


Because of you all I can still sustain myself, and I am so grateful for that. But if anyone else who is affected by this virus and who is stuck at home and can't get to their studio or maybe they have never taken yoga and need to move their bodies during this time of confinement, I'm happy to invite them into our space, into our circle, and to offer them a place to just breath. I'd like to do something meaningful everyday, but during this time I really want to provide help to my fellow humans. If you think you're stressed because of the shortage of toilet paper, or pasta; I ask you to imagine the children and families in our community, our state, and our planet who feel the stress of 3 meals a day even harder than us. Every single one of us has our own challenges, but during these turbulent times we must turn our hearts over to gratitude. We must live gracefully and share compassionately. My goal is to live in the light and to do what I can to bring that light into the darkness. Each of you have your own beautiful light and when we share in the light together, our light grows brighter and stronger. I wish you all health, and safety during this time and know that I am here if you need anything at all!.

What's next for the Tribe?

I'd like to have a virtual meeting on Zoom where we can all get acquainted with the software and chat. I will send out a separate email (after this one) with a link for the Zoom meeting for Monday March 23rd at 9:00am. Please join me as we discuss this new territory and ask any questions you may have. Zoom meetings will also be recorded and shared so if you can't make the meeting, don't worry you will have access to what was discussed.

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