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Happy Beltane & NEW Magic by Moonlight Event May 19th!

Beltane, recognized on May 1, is a celebration of Life, a time to dance with the flames of passion. In ancient times, people would gather at first light, women & children would collect flowers and dress as colorful as the blooms sprouting among them. They'd all dance around the May pole; weaving ribbons of red, yellow, green, blue; spend the day eating in the company of their community & family. All to honor the return of the warmth, the heat, the Sun. In modern times we might not be able to do all that jazz, but we can honor this transition by embracing its spirit in our own lives. How can we celebrate our own passions? How can we rejoice our love or express gratitude for our blessings? Maybe it means making it a priority to sit down together with your family and eat a meal, maybe it's hanging around a bonfire at a friends, or maybe it's making time for your partner to deepen and strengthen your bond. However you are celebrating I bid you a very Happy & Merry Beltane!

Magic by Moonlight Event May 19th @ 7pm-10pm

Join us on Thursday May 19th for a night of wonder & magic! We are so excited to have another evening of all things occult and mystical including readings, witchy commodities, and yummy enchanted cookies! Doors open at 7pm, no need to rsvp just zoom over on your broomstick and bring your friends! There's plenty of goodies and treats to keep you busy the whole night! If you have any questions, please reach out anytime to me at

LOCATION: Peter Salerno INC

511 Goffle Road

Wyckoff, NJ

*Parking available in lot adjacent to showroom.

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