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Full Moon in Libra - April 2019 Energetic Vibes

This Full Moon is especially good for Aries, Gemini, Leos, Librans, Sagittarius, & Aquarians, but is more challenging for everyone else.

The lunar energy builds and builds over the lunar cycle of waxing and waning until it becomes full and bang! The fullness of the moon brings to light what we need to work on, what lies beneath the surface.

The energy is focused on relationships and partnerships

Remind yourself to see the beauty in life. Find balance between what you need and what you need to do for others to keep them happy.

Libra is a sign of relationships, be it romantic, professional, friends, or family. It governs harmonious relationships and is the peacemaker sign. Libra does not like confrontation and wants to find resolutions that make everyone happy but it is important to remember under this Libra moon, to keep the balance so that the scales do not tip out of your favor and leave you feeling depleted.

3 Planets in Retorgrade...Oh My!

During the full moon in libra we are asked to look at the relationships in our lives. Insecurities, unresolved issues, and old pains may be brought to our attention in order for us to resolve them. Also 3 planets go into retrograde this month. Jupiter on April 10th the planet of growth and expansion, Pluto on the 24th the planet of transformation and rebirth, and Saturn on the 29th the planet of karmic lessons and challenges. These retrogrades last several months and are preparing us for the shift that will occur in 2020. We may not feel the direct energy of these retrogrades but they are meant to help us align for what is to come in 2020. Also, with spring emerging out through the brittle grasp that winter has had on us, it can up our energy levels causing us to feel hyper active, moving at warped speed, and having lots of thoughts and ideas.

Find forgiveness and express gratitude

Organize your thoughts and dreams

The new moon this month was in Aires (April 5th), one of the most strongest signs for manifesting and taking action. Full of energy and passion Aires created a wonderful platform for us to jump into our passions and dreams. But do remember to not get burned out by the fire of Aires, take the time during this transition to get your thoughts down on paper, organize them, and infuse them with loving intentions.

Ask yourself...

Staying with the theme of Libra here is a picture from my Moonology book about what questions to ask yourself during this time and how you can work with the energy of Libra to improve your relationships with others and most importantly with yourself.  

1. Have I been too concerned with appearance in general?

2. Have I been thinking too much about others and neglecting my own needs?

3. Have I been too easily influenced, gullible or unable to decide for myself?

4. Have I been living my life through someone else?

5. Have I spent enough time beautifying my own life?

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