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Alignment Workshop and Sound Healing

WOW! Thank you everyone who came to our very first workshop of the new year! We had a great class, many laughs, and a wonderful sound healing bath by Marek. Not to mention I got a nice little break from mom life, which as you could all tell I was very grateful and excited about! We reviewed some common poses and proper alignment, took some special requests for triangle pose and psychedelic tree! We shared our energies in our practice and ended with a beautiful whole body reset by Marek and his gorgeous bowls and how could we forget that massive GONG! The effects of which are still vibrating in my body as I write this. I really found it so interesting how each bowl resonated differently for each of us. Some of you saw space and the cosmos, the ocean and it's colorful creatures, some of you felt resistance or release. I personally felt constriction and tightness in my throat, which Marek informed me was some kind of blockage in me. I thought about it in the days that followed. How my new role as a mom has in a way overtaken my identity. My voice has been blocked, my struggle with connecting to all the things that once took priority in my life have been since silenced. This workshop fed my soul and spirit. It reminded me that being a mom and being myself are not mutually exclusive; meaning these two things can co-exist. I needed to be given this gift of time with my tribe to see myself as others still see me. They don't look at me and see the messy hair, unshaved legs, and shoes with no socks (hehe forgot my socks) but they see a teacher, a yogi, a friend. I am beyond grateful for this perspective and reminder that life is what you make of it. If you feel the calling from your soul, answer it. If you need your community, call out to them. And if you forget who you are in the mundane, remember that magic is all around you! I look forward to hosting another workshop in March so stay tuned for an update coming soon! Much love to you all and enjoy your week! Love & Light, Sabrina

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